2014-2010 Lead Designer Yours Truly Lighting and Decor

2014-2010 Crew Chief and Lead Lighting Tech The Crew Works

2010-2003 Owner - Lightolutions

2003-1998 - Lead Designer Lighting By Lyttle

1998-1993  930 Club

                     The Crew Works

                     Atmoshere Lighting

                     Baltimore Stage Lighting

1993-1988  Head Hunter

                     Head of Procurement and Benefits

                     Personnel Manager


So I'll admit it, I suck at photography! Thank goodness I rock at lights~!

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then let me share my novel with you.

Lights By Hope

To learn more about lights and what they can do for your once in a lifetime event and see what I can do for you 

I didn't airbrush the lights out of the photos so you would have a more realistic concept of what your event will actually look like.

Special Event Lighting -   From vision to design, I will work with you to create your once in a lifetime event.  Regardless of size there are no small events because the memories made last a lifetime. 

​Event Coordination - Coordinate with bands, dj's, staging, decor, floral, catering and any other vendor you may need. I can be point of contact for you or simply coordinate arrival and duties on your event day.

Vendor Resources - I have a vast list of industry professionals. Let me help you find the perfect vendor for you. 

I have been a professional lighting designer for more than two decades. I  love creating special moments and special memories

I feel more like a lighting decorator most of the time. Walking into a venue with you, my client. Having you share your dream with me and then making it come true is what makes what I do so special.

Lighting Decorator